Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beaufort SC fun

We are having a pot luck dinner with the cruiser's here at the Butler's and the Rae's.  Both the Butler's and the Rae's are so generous with their time and property.  The provide transportation, a place to put your trash, water, electricity and a floating dock to tie your boat to.  The other cruiser's, Mike and Anne, are from England and have been cruising around the world for the past few years.  They had a transmission/engine problem and our hosts found them a welder that worked on a Saturday!   Ken, their buddy boat captain, is cruising up from the islands, on his way to Maine.  He has a Valiant 40.  It was so fun to compare boats and modifications.  I always get such good ideas from other cruisers. 

We were in the grocery store in Beaufort, SC with the after church crowd.  I was looking for stuff and people in the store were so helpful.  Not just the store employees, but the other shoppers went out of their way to help me find the stuff on my list.  I guess they took pity on me.  I must have looked very lost.

Have been watching the swallows catching bugs all around the boat.  I wonder if you could have a swallow as a pet to eat all the mosquitoes, flys and other critters that are such a pain.  There probably is a rule about keeping swallows as pets.

Here are some pictures that were taken along the way that I didn't get to post.  We are off tomorrow am to find an anchorage for a few days.  The weather is warm, but the wind is a bit cool.  TTFN

saw this little plane land on the water while we were anchored in MacKay Creek, SC

the blimp hovering over Hilton Head Island for the RBC Classic golf tourny

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