Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alligator in pictures and song

We hopped in the rental car and drove to Missouri.  16 hours later we arrived in Rolla, MO.   Matt's mom needed to have a heart stent operation.  We got her to the procedure and got her home.

I went to the local Wal type store and could NOT find any food that was not loaded with salt and artificial ingredients.  The meat was injected with stuff, there were ZERO organic fruits and vegetables.   I had to go to another store to find food that was heart healthy.   We wonder why there is an obesity problem.  In the small town that we were in, the food choices are not heart or human healthy.   In all our travels along the ICW we have always been able to find food that is not loaded with salt and chemicals.  I REFUSE to shop at Wal mart.  Not only are they ruining the economics of the small towns, but they are helping cause the obesity problem.  Keep you money out of the hands of people that don't care about anything but money.

We arrived back at the boat to a beautiful sunset.  Liam loved all our alligator pictures so much he sang a song for us.  Waiting for a weather window and then more southward travel. The for rolled in this morning and hasn't rolled out yet. I think we will  blow up the dingy and go for a ride. 


  1. Sorry you didn't find any good food while you were out. And I agree with you 101% on those greedy bast*rds!! LoL! Happy you are closer to my neck of the woods! Keep those amazing photos coming I love 'em.

  2. Enjoyed meeting you downtown Fernandina, at the coffee shop. Hope you enjoy your stay in Fernandina. Maybe we will see you a Sounds on Center tonight.

  3. Nice meeting you and your puppy. Fernandina Beach is a great town.