Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being Flexible

Our camera finally gave up the ghost.  We would clean the lens motor assembly with carb cleaner and it helped it live for an extra year.  So we ordered a new camera and are waiting for it to be delivered.  Waiting for the delivery has taught us that we can save lots of marina fees by paying for a monthly rate.  We were credited for the monies we already paid and we can enjoy all the island has to offer while waiting for our package.  We also are taking this time to get our taxes done.  Even though you live on the boat, we still have to keep up with the little details that come along.  Choosing to stay in a location with good wifi, great surroundings, helpful marina staff and dock neighbors can make getting your 'stuff' done a much less hassle.

Still scavenging the beaches for treasure.  I dug up some sand dollars.  Watched dolphins playing in the surf and in the ICW.  The bookstore is sooo much more than just a bookstore.  I have been there twice and have not made it through the store yet.  I love stores like that.  They have a whole section of 'made in Georgia' section.  I try to follow Lynn Pardee's advice a keep a treasure box on the boat filled with little trinkets that I can give away to folks we meet along the way.  Lately I have been buying small picture frames that I can put printed photos in that we have taken.  Also, I've gotten some really neat small glass beads and stainless steel necklace chains to make small pieces of jewelry.  I'll take some pictures, when we get the new camera. 

I've been asked what the boat looks like during day to day living.  Took some pictures with the clutter and all that we seem to acquire while we are not moving. 

The past few days have been glorious, weather wise.  There is something so relaxing about sleeping with the hatches open.  I love having the boat hatches open. 

Horton House.  Made of Tabby, a local product mixing, sand, mud and burnt oyster shells.  Built in 1735.

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