Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Isle of Hope and Jekyll Island

As we continued south on the ICW, we kept remembering that all of Georgia is just a big 'fender'.  The bottom is mud or sand and the shore sides are mud.  Every time the depth finder went below 7 ft, I started saying ' I think I can, I think I can', and shazam! I found some water.  We anchored out the night before we got to Isle of Hope, GA.  We stayed for two days.  While we were sailing the Chesapeake we learned how to anchor in the conditions that were predominate in the Bay.  It took us until Georgia to get comfortable with our anchoring technique.  I have no problem sleeping while at anchor, but Matt ends up being on watch all night.  I keep watch during the day, which now that we have our back porch, sun room, canvas cover, is warm from the sunlight streaming through the isinglass. 

Isle of Hope is a suburb of Savannah.  We took the courtesy car and went to Savannah for the day.  We took the trolley tour.  You get to see all of the city and get the history.  Jessi asked us to go to Paula Deen's restaurant, but it was closed for renovations.  How strange that Paula announced she has diabetes when the restaurant was closed.  Paula said that her menu would change so maybe she changed the restaurants' menu also. 

We went to Ft. Fredrica and anchored.  The fort is small and on St. Simons Island.  It was a nice quiet place to ride out the small craft winds for two days.  I got impatient and left before the tide had come up.  Ran aground.  No big deal, found the deeper water and moved on down the river.  We sailed a bit to get to Jekyll Island.  I docked against the tide, with the current and the wind.  We fueled up, and then moved the boat to our overnight dock.  No problem.  I didn't panic and I docked the boat without incident.  The boat size used to scare me.  It still is a bit scarey, but over the past few months I have become knowledgeable about how the boat reacts.  Time to explore the island!

Charlie doing tricks at Jekyll Island

Ft Fredrica, revolutionary war era fort.

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