Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jekyll Island

We have found that the marina along the ICW in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia have specials on rates after the big rush of cruisers have passed through on their way south.  Jekyll Harbor Marina has such a special, pay for a few days, get a week!  We get the use of bikes and a courtesy car.  Sounds like a good week to clean the boat inside and out and get the laundry done.  The marina has a bar on premises that has live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Sounds like a good time to lounge in the hot tub and listen to some good tunes.

Jekyll Island was the playground of the 1% during the winter months.  The homes were maintained year round.  Most of the homes were called cottages.  The houses did not have kitchens.  The residents went to the 'club' for all their meals.  The club is now the Jekyll Island Hotel.  The Island has three golf courses and many restaurants.  Bikes are the main form of travel around the island.  The beaches are wide and clean and uncrowded.  I did some research on beach house rentals and it seems like a good value for a family or group.  There is no boardwalk and the activities seem to be more eco than night club. 

We went to a cookout at the marina.  Had about 30 people attend.  The biggest thing we learned is that Georgia has laws against 'liveaboards' on boats.  So if anyone asks if you live aboard your boat, you say 'no, we are a boat in transit.  We live in _____(in our case Maryland).'  Good to know the correct lingo to avoid any 'imperial entanglements'.  We also learned that the same lingo can be used Florida to stay within the restrictive laws. 

Going to the museum and the turtle sanctuary today.  Since we are going to be here until Tuesday, we are going to volunteer to help at the turtle hospital.  We are also going to take a kayak trip through the nature center water trail.  So much to do!  It is amazing what you can see and do while traveling by boat.  When we started this trip we though we were trying to get to Florida.  Now we found out that when you have no schedule and the only destination is south it is possible to see every stop as the destination.  The beauty of enjoying every stop is the happiness you find around each turn. 

biking on Jekyll Island

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