Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summertime in Galesville, MD

We got back from our travels and realized that we needed a few things.  When we bought the boat we kept it simple and decided to add parts/systems as we needed them.  As we were sailing into Beaufort, NC we got our autopilot smoking, as in could smell the burning. 

We did some research and decided to buy a Simrad non linear autopilot, and an AIS displayed on a NSE8 chart plotter.  We thought about getting a touch screen chart plotter, but were worried about not being able to use the chartplotter in the rain or if it was cold enough that gloves were needed.

We had to create two shelves affixed and fiber glassed to the hull.  Matt and I made the shelves and strung the electric wires.  MTS, our electronic gurus, came buy and hooked up all the parts and made sure they were working.  Matt and I have no problems doing the grunt work of installations, but when it comes to getting all the parts to talk to each other, we call in the experts.  MTS does a great job.  They are professional and cost appropriate. 

Just had the boat pulled.  We are getting new zincs, the bottom painted, and a set of Spur Sharks installed.  Over the years we have drug crab pots with us until we could safely dive on the prop and cut the fouled line.  The spurs will hopefully cut the fouling line and keep the prop free of tangled stuff. 

Planning on going on a bit of a shake down cruise after we get back in the water.  There are so many places on the Chesapeake we have yet to explore. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your travels Patty! Although I live in a water wonderland here in Seattle, I haven't been sailing in 20 years. Powerboating is enjoyable, and I do a lot of it, but it's just not the same as the quiet elegance of sailing....

    Dean Barr