Saturday, November 10, 2012

on the move...2012

We are heading south again, this time to the Bahamas.  

First we got to go thru super storm Sandy.  We had been watching the storm develop for at least a week before it hit.  We knew we were going to be on the NE quadrant of the storm.  The storm surges and fiercest winds are in the NW quadrant of a hurricane.  New Jersey got hit by the NW quadrant.  We stayed on our boat during the storm.  The strongest winds we saw were in the low 50's.  We did a bit of surfing.  We left two days after Sandy.  The bay was full of all the commercial traffic that had been waiting out the storm off shore.  We played freighter dodge all the way to Norfolk. 

The weather has been cold.  Each day we got dressed in heavy pants, sweaters, double socks, and foul weather jackets.  Gloves and hats were a must.  Each time we go out in the fall I am so glad that we had the cockpit enclosure made.  We anchored out each night.  We did our best to run in front of the nor'easter roaring up the east coast.  We rode the storm out in Slade Creek, just north of Oriental.  Two days of blowing cold.  Rain was cold. 

As the sun returned we made our way down to south river, across from Oriental.  The river is wide and beautiful.  We saw eagles and pelicans.  No motor boat traffic.  Night time stars were putting on a show just for us.  Tried to look for meteors.  Didn't see any.

We got to hear the election results on XM radio.  It was a good night for the common people.  I was glad to see that the American people could not be bought by millionaires and billionaires.

Tried to stop along the ICW to get fuel.  Wind and tide were sending us straight for a gnarly metal bulkhead.  Hit reverse and backed out of danger.  On to the next fuel station.  We started sailing with the light air head sail  The winds decided to pick up.  I blamed Matt, he had been whistling earlier and just whistled up a blow.  As we dropped the sail the halyard escaped and sail, sheet and halyard took a swim.  Put the engine in neutral and wrangled the sail on the deck.    Got the boat anchored for the night and started to clear the decks.  Wet sails dried and stowed.  Next task crank Matt to the top of the mast, all 55 ft.  I am not that strong and it took a while with many breaks for rest.  Glad Matt is not afraid of heights!  He said the view was great, but we forgot the camera.  I was glad when his feet reached the deck. 

Pulled into Morehead City Yacht Basin.  Got fuel, got a shower and washed all our clothes.  Had a burger in town.  Our wash down hose nozzle got a hole in it and was spewing water every time you cleaned off the anchor.  Walked to the hardware store and found a Veteran's Day Parade.  Pulled up a piece of curb and were treated to marching bands, scout troops, mayors, small boats driving down the main drag.  What a fun time!  Senior housing vans filled with Vets were waving and trowing candy to the crowd  The street was lined with families cheering and shouting, "thanks for your service".  After the election, wasn't sure that everyone could come together and show love and support for each other.  The feeling was all positive.  People were cheering and enjoying each others fellowship.  Made me smile from ear to ear.

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