Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From Maryland to Florida

We are now in Marineland!  This is how far we got last year.  The weather is warm and we are washing the boat and our laundry.  It is amazing how much laundry you can accumulate when you are traveling. 

Last year we were so tentative about the depths and about anchoring.  We would agonize about running aground.  Then when it was time to anchor, we would stay awake and monitor the position of the boat with graphs and charts.  Although it was so wonky and fun to make the charts and graphs, we were tired the next day and slept instead of traveling.  We went sightseeing and generally donked around.  We loved every minute of our trip.

This year, tides and currents are our friends.  We are covering 50 or more miles a day.  We sailed in the ocean twice.  We watch the sunrise, then anchor up and away we go.  It seems that every other day we run aground.  We work to get off or we make a pot of coffee and wait for the tide to come up.  Both work equally as well.  We battled 20 days of north winds and clouds.  We have gotten groceries in Beaufort, SC and here in Marineland.  We have cooked on the boat.

Over the summer we added an hydrolic (simrad) autopilot and a set of simrad chartplotter and an echo sounder.  The new instruments are such a good addition to the boat.  The autopilot is easy to use and we can let it steer and give us a rest.  The chartplotter is big and easy to read and the echo sounder shows the characteristics of the sea floor.  We can see fish and our anchor chain.

The things that have worked well: simrad instruments
                                                   Trader Joe Vacuum packed meats
                                                   freeze dried vegtables
                                                   camping meals

The camping meals are a welcome treat for lunch when the wind is cold.  Matt goes below and heats up some water and a nice warm meal comes delivered to the helm.  The last time we had camping meals they all tasted the same, lots of salt and something to chew.  Now the meals have taste and low sodium.

The election is over.  So glad we are done with all the commercials and signs.  All the towns and people seem to be less stressed and looking forward. We missed the whole Black Friday madness.  Since we live on a boat, buying 'stuff' takes on a new meaning.  You have to throw out a blouse or pair of pants if you get new ones.  A 50 inch flat screen will not fit on the boat.  There are also no big box stores out on the water.  I don't feel deprived.

Onward we go!  Can't wait until we get to the Bahamas.

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