Friday, January 11, 2013

The Bahamas

We left Miami at  4:00am.  To get to the Ocean we had to navigate a channel marked by unlit day markers.  We, luckily, we had a track on the chartplotter to follow.  We made it out of the channel and headed toward Bimini.  When you are crossing the gulf stream, you have to head south of your destination.  As you cross the stream, the 2-4 knot stream pushes you northward.  We were half way across as the sun rose.  The water is so blue.  It was great to be out of sight of land and ripping along under sail.  We had a few folks crossing with us and it was great fun to talk to each other on the radio.

Land HO!  We saw Bimini in the distance and went into Bimini Sands Marina.  Matt gathered our documents and rented a cab with our crossing buddies to check in with customs and immigration at the airport.  All checked in and time to explore.  The marina had an infinity pool.  We went for a swim and went to the boat to crash.  We shared a bottle of Champagne with Gwen and Walter on their Island Packet 40.

Decided to leave the next morning for West Bay on New Providence Island. Nassau is located in the north east of New Providence Island.  Nassau harbor is crowded and busy.  West Bay is located near Clifton National Park.  The anchorage is quiet and surrounded by a community of gated homes.

On the way to West Bay we stopped and anchored on the Great Bahama Bank.  The bank is wide and shallow without any ambient light.  The stars were out in force.  We watched shooting stars and satellites.  The water is so clear that you can see to the bottom.  You could see black shapes moving through the water.  Not sure what they were, but it was so kewl to see them.

In the gated community surrounding the West Bay anchorages a feud is brewing.  A home on the point is owned by a Canadian fashion designer.  He has created a 150k sq ft home that looks like a Mayan Ruin.  He lights the home at night with multicolored hues and plays music from sundown to midnight.  One night was show tunes, one night was Anya, one night was Classical.  His neighbors are not amused, but we enjoyed the show.  Look up Lyford Cay fashion designer for the whole scoop.

We have  been pinned down by weather and can't move till Wednesday Jan 17.  The snorkeling is great and the beach is covered by sea glass.  Will update more adventures.  Next time, pictures.

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