Saturday, February 16, 2013


Storms and cold fronts come through all the time. We listen to the weather information on SSB and VHF. Today and tomorrow there will be a west- south west- north west wind. Most anchorages are protected from all areas BUT west. Secure, west protected, anchorages are limited. All the boats in the Exumas are trying to get to those limited anchorages. Exuma Land and Sea Park maintains mooring balls in various locations in the park. All the west secure balls were filled days ago, but folks fail to plan and get upset when the Park has no mooring space available. Marinas are sparse and the prices go up as the westerlies come through. Having to pay $4.00 per foot of boat length is not uncommon.

We are in a very protected mooring field, south of the park headquarters. There are only 5 mooring balls and no anchoring is allowed. The cove was once a hidey hole used by Pirates. There is a pretty beach and a fresh water well. The area is also home to stratomolites, ancient bacteria mounds over 3.5 billion years old. They are found in few places in the world. It defies logic when folks pitch a fit because they can't anchor in these protected areas. The selfishness of some people is mind numbing.

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