Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Post Irene- getting ready to go

The boat was put on the hard for the storm.  All is well.  We have started to provision the boat for the trip.  All the books/forums tell you not to over provision.   I know that everyone has to buy food, but I hate going to the store and carting the stuff back and putting it away.   I have the staples on board, all I need is the perishables.  Bought lots of Cliff Bars, fruit and cereal, flour/bread mix, and freeze dried veggies. 

The dingy motor has been fixed.  The ethanol in the fuel gums up the carburetor.  The mechanic said to run airplane fuel, non-ethanol fuel in the outboard engine.  Since it is hard to get both, we decided to just let the fuel completely run dry before we put the engine away each time.  Hopefully, that will solve the fuel problem.

I'm finishing my inboard sewing projects.  Will post pictures when I'm done.   

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