Friday, October 28, 2011

We are sitting here in Yorktown waiting for a cold front to go through.  The marina is so nice.  Clean heads and showers, nice laundry room and a courtesy car.  Gotta love a car with the keys in in, 200+k miles and gets 7-8 mpg.  It carried groceries just fine.

Have seen many cruisers heading south.  It seems there are more foreign flaged boats heading south that American flagged vessels.  We have seen boats from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Switzerland.  We asked the gas dock worker in Solomons if she had noticed that trend.  She said yes and that some of the Canadians bought two gallons of diesel and then asked to use their water.  They proceeded to wash their boat for 45 minutes and then fill their tanks.  She was less than pleased.

The weather is rainy and cold.  Wind comes in tomorrow with more cold rain.  At least it won't snow here like it will in Northern VA.  Making barley soup and 10 grain bread.  

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