Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Waxing and cleaning

One of the reasons we chose to buy our boat was the fact that there was only three pieces of outside teak.  When we owned the Westsail 32, we removed the teak decks and fixed the decks.  we got a bit soured on cleaning and treating wood.  Mostly because we weren't expert woodworkers.  We have had the boat for five years, so it was time to wax.

Matt cleaned and waxed the deck and all the stainless steel.  Yes, cleaning the stainless was as hard as cleaning the wood.  But the stainless is shinny!  We have been walking in and out and bringing the wax in on the bottom of our shoes.  Now the cabin sole is waxed too!  Have brought in rugs from the storage room, otherwise it would be slippity slide on bare feet.  Love learning all these new things.

We love our new cockpit enclosure.  It is like having a sunroom/back porch.  With all the rain we have had it is nice to be able to keep things dry, but not take up space in the boat. 

We filled up our new propane tank.  Now both propane lockers actually have propane tanks stowed away. 

Today is sewing project day.  I need to finish our tethers, and make 'weather cloths' for the inside cabins.  Time to get to work.  Looking forward to being creative. 

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