Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 2011- Preparing to leave the Chesapeake Bay

So far we have installed the water-maker, cleaned out the boat of extra crap and started reviewing charts and cruising guides, installed the SSB radio and pactor modem.  The hardest part is waiting to leave until the hurricane season is over to start moving south.  We have our slip in the West River and have enjoyed sailing the middle bay for over 30+ years.  We love going to the Wye River and gunk-holing throughout the eastern shore.  But now that we live on the boat, we go out sailing for technique and drill practice. We want our skills to be ready for whatever situation we encounter. 

We have called ourselves 'chickens of the sea' because we try not to sail in bad weather.  Re-learning weather techniques and reading the weather signs has been a full time job lately.  We have app tools available, but have been using weather-fax and NOAA weather broadcasts as our primary weather tools.  We are learning how to use the cruiser and weather nets on the SSB(HAM) and Marine radio bands.  Been a long time since we've had to study and learn, but the skills are coming back. 

We were overwhelmed by all the stuff we had to to on the list.  We are doing one item a day.  A good stragey so far.  Things are getting done, but we still have time to enjoy our boat.  We didn't want the boat to feel like a 'work place'.  We want it to be comfortable and fun.

It is the middle of August and the hurricane names are up to 'F'.  Tropical Depression Franklin is well off shore and poses no threat to the east coast.  Will keep watching the sky for new developing systems.

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