Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Toilet/Head maintenance

Today is the day we fix the head.  We were putting in the watermaker and broke a piece off of the head.  We emailed Raritan and the next day they called us back!  Such good service.  We ordered the part and received it on Monday.  We have used the head for 5 years and never serviced it or rebuilt it.  Time to rebuild the pump.  Instead of taking the pump apart and replacing all the gaskets, we bought a complete new pump assembly.  Much less mess to replace. 

Taking care of a marine head is a delicate process.  We have always used an enzyme based treatment system.  The use of harsh chemicals can wear out the gaskets and working parts of the head.  Chlorine treatments are harmful to the water creatures and grasses.  We tried KO and CP sold by Raritan, but they are soooo expensive.  We found Biogreen Clean on the Ed Shultz show.  It is all organic plant enzymes.  Cleans the head.  Can be used on the outside of the boat because it will not pollute the water.  I put it in a spray bottle and use it to pretreat clothing stains when I put the clothes into the laundry bag.  The stuff cleans the drains and we used it to clean the bilge.  It doesn't have a fragrance, but everything smells clean when you finish what ever chore you are doing.

The weather today has stopped raining and is sunny and warm with out being too hot.  Humidity hasn't rolled in yet.  Nice to have the boat open. 

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