Monday, August 15, 2011

rain and rain

We need to get a few parts to finish the installations we are currently working on.  We seem to leave the few 'last minute' things undone be cause we have to buy a part.  Rainy days seem to be good for shopping.

One thing about shopping and living on a boat, if you buy anything, you have to know where it will be stored.  If you don't know where to store it, DON'T buy it.  I wish I would have started this questioning of stuff before we moved onto the boat.  I probably wouldn't had to give so much stuff away. 

Since we have some stall time here, I'll start telling you what it is like to live on a boat.  I have also learned some time saving, space saving, money saving tips.  If you want to know anything about boat living, ask. 

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