Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Death in the water

This summer at the marina has been less boring than in other years.  In May, Tom Allen, died of a heart attack.  Tom was a fixture in the marina.  He owned many slips and lived on his boat.  He had captained boats around the world and helped start the Annapolis Sailing Academy.  In June a boat burned from an electrical fire.  The owner was away from the boat at the time, but his dog was lost in the fire.  July 4th weekend someone committed suicide on a boat at the marina next door, Pirates Cove.  Kylie and Tom were here for dinner.  I tried to turn on the stove, but we had run out of propane.  As we were walking down the dock, we saw the haz mat team.  In August a man was visiting the engine shop.  He got into his van and had a heart attack as he was leaving the parking lot.  His van ran into three boats and a building.  One of the boats was totalled.  Two had a hole punched into their hull.  The building lost a few boards.  The man is still in the hospital.  Yesterday, helicopters were circling tent house creek.  A man from Harwood was crabbing and hadn't been heard from since 11:30 am  His boat was found without him aboard.  The search continues.

We have had a slip at this marina for over 10 years.  We always enjoyed the same old, same old of Galesville.  Hopefully we will have no new events. 

They found the  man's body.  Prayers go out to his family.

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