Friday, November 11, 2011

Taking a little time in Oriental, NC.  So nice to have internet and phone.  Left Elizabeth City, NC from their city 'free' docks.  The town was nice, but the economy has hit it hard.  The town still welcomes boaters with open arms.  The church folks visit to welcome you to town.  They offer literature and conversation.  Had 'cocktail hour' at a park bench with other boats.  Went to the deli and walked to the liquor store. On the way early am to get across the Albermarle River.

Had very poor signal from the Alligator River through to Oriental.  Anchored off the Alligator/Pungo canal the first night.  This was the first time that we were not anchor space crowded by French Canadians.  We tried a new anchor accessory.  We took a 1/2 gallon orange juice jug, filled it with craft foam, and tied it to the anchor.  The jug goes right thru the laucher!  We added a 28 foot line.  Now we know where our anchor is.  If it gets snagged, we can use the jug line to locate it and help pull it up.  We've already lost one anchor.

The second night we anchored in Pungo Creek.  Here is a picture of the full moon at anchor.  We had a beautiful cove to ourselves with our traveling companion.  A valiant 40, Rising Star, has been traveling the same route as we are.  It was easy to follow them.  We talk briefly on the radio.  We learned that you really need a good VHF radio.  Boats are hailing you to tell you that they are passing and on which side they are traveling.  As you approach bridges, you call the bridge tender and ask for an opening.  Commercial barges give position updates and let you know their speed.  You talk to marina personnel and fuel dock attendants.  Get a good radio and learn how to get it to scan channel 9, 16 and 13. 

Tried to travel between 5.5 and 6 knts.  We got to sail part of the way to Oriental  We crossed the Palmico and the Neuse rivers.  You could really see the damage from Irene.  The trees were snapped off about 18 ft from the ground.  It looked like Paul Bunyon swung his axe though the forest. 

I am so glad we had time on the Chesapeake and liked to visit rivers, creeks and cities.  Going 'gunkholing' was the best training for going down the ICW.  You use charts, chart plotters and guidebooks together to plot your route.  No one book or chart has the all the information you need.  Learning how to plot, route, steer and check depth and traffic are all a constant task.  Who would have thought that all the sailing we did on the Chesapeake  would be so helpful. 

Here's a little video that I made of our trek from Pungo Creek.  Please remember that I am new at this video stuff. 

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  1. Looks like you are having some nice weather and glad you could take in some sights. Love the video....and the happy hubby!

    Amber :)