Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today the parts are out on the truck for delivery.  So I thought I'd show you the modifications we had made to the salon section of the boat.  The first picture is the boat when we picked it up from the factory in Lake Texoma, TX.  Yes the boat is made in the USA.  When we had the boat made, we decided not to have extra cabinets or shelves installed because we did not know where we wanted them and how our needs would dictate how we wanted the shelves/cabinets configured.  Five years later, still no shelves, and still no decisions.  But, we do use the open areas for guide books, computers and accessories.  We installed a 12 volt 'trucker' hd TV with a DVD player.  We hard wired the TV into the DC panel and it has a separate breaker.  I had a needlepoint that I made and made it into a cover for the TV.  We think we went a bit overboard on the bracket to hold the TV. 

I made mesh screens that hold stuff from shifting when the boat is in motion.  We have gone through some significant weather and choppy that tested the design.  So far, no carnage from stuff moving around.  We installed a fire extinguisher under the TV.  We have fire extinguishers in each section of the boat.  I could not find a place for a fire extinguisher in the galley, so the salon is the closest location. 

When we got the boat we did not have refrigeration.  We installed a 12 volt system under the port settee.  We have two plates that make up a freezer, with a spill over for the refrigerator area.  I can keep the freezer at 25F with a minimum of energy.  The boat came equipped with a divider made in the factory.  We lost that part during a slip on the dock that involved a scrotal tearing.  We try not to discuss the incident.  It brings up bad images.  Anyway, I created my own divider with the garden knee pads from the hardware store.  They seem to work. 

We also installed a tide clock and a half hull of the boat. 

The next section will deal with the galley.  TTFN 

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  1. Absolutely love it! I'm reading all of your postings. Just keep the "pointy end" going South!:)