Friday, November 18, 2011

Wow!  When you are cruising from place to place just small things can make you sooo happy.  We received the part, the battery charger from ProMariner yesterday and today the technician, Chuck Courtney, arrived right on time.  He got right to work and got the new part installed.  Hard to express how much better the ProMariner is that the Xantrex.  The batteries are reconditioned and charged.  What a concept, a product that works. 

The weather was a bit frosty this morning.  Put the heater on.  Read so many accounts of people living aboard without heat, hot water, pressured water.  I guess that I am spoiled, but I want the stuff that makes everything easier.  One of my favorite books is 'the Swiss Family Robinson', not for the ship wreck, but for the tree house they built.  the fashioned all the modern conveniences on an island.  I wonder if anyone found that island?  Do their inventions still work?  Maybe I'll find that island some day. 

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  1. Looks like that will take care of keeping the batteries conditioned and charged. Glad it all worked out. Keep on "Southing" for the cold is coming in right behind you.