Monday, November 28, 2011

Life at the Beach

We made it to Wrightsville Beach, NC.  Made three bridges in one day after starting at 6am.  We stopped at Swan Point Marina on Saturday night.  The marina had taken quite a hit from Irene.  For some reason (new moon) the tide was very low.  The only place we fit was in the travel lift well.  We got out of the anchorage by inches.  It took us 45 minutes to back out 100 yards.  At least the marina has a new trench. 

The scenery on this part of the ICW is beautiful.  Some of the homes on the shore are breath taking.  The fishing boats scurry around like waterbugs.  The current is a new challenge.  We were waiting for the bridge and Matt said for me to slow down.  I was in neutral doing 4 knts.  My solution was to do donuts until the bridge opened.  Many a motor boat was a bit miffed because they couldn't pass a 42 ft sailboat doing donuts in the middle of the channel.  They were throwing cuss words at me on the radio.  I sweetly wished them a blessed day (it was Sunday) and a Merry Christmas.  I told them Jesus and their Momma would be proud to hear them talk on the radio.  They got very quiet.  Ahhh, the bible belt.

We pulled into a nice marina.  It is actually a bar with a marina.  We pulled in and had three, count them three, guys to help us tie up the boat.  They gave us an extention for our power cord.  The marina doesn't have showers, but who cares, we have our own shower.  Free water, free ice and free wifi.  We ran out of propane and they had someone shuttle us to the hardware store and the grocery.  The costs are great!  $1.50 first night, $1.00 2nd night and 75 cents per foot the third night.  Plan on stopping a Dockside Marina, they are the best!

We met a bunch of folks on a trawler.  They have a blog, boatfoolsgoingsouth, they started at the Rappahanock River.  They are the owner, an 84 year old gentleman, and three ladies and their little dog.  They started with two ladies and enticed another lady to join them in Swansboro.  They are having a blast.  They travel, they stop, they party. 

Added pictures of Camp Lejune.  We crossed through the Marines target practice area.  We found the marked anchorages too shoaled for us.  We are staying at Dockside until a low pressure system passes.  Looking forward to finding anchorages in the low country of the Carolina.

how do you like my hat?



  1. Yeah and the Sport fisherman are the worst, they not only cuss you but run you aground. You brought back my Donut memories and all those folks getting upset. You handled it correctly. I have a pic of the same sign of going through the firing range. I just loved the low country of SC and the serpentine route of the ICW through GA.
    Love your Hat ... great blog also Pelicans turned out to be my favorite bird while on the ICW. Good stuff Guys!!
    Jim Mallon

  2. You have GOT to get some of these beautiful photos here-->
    They are simply amazing, and I am enjoying every leg of your journey with you. :)


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