Saturday, November 12, 2011

You may ask what is this....well, my BFF Joanne said that if you put 2/3 bags of water in the corners of your cockpit the flies will not come in and bother you.  When docked we were swarmed by the annoying flies.  Luckily it got cool at night so we could swat the nasty bugs.  Today is warmer so we opened the hatches and left the cockpit open.  So far so good.  A few ventured in before I hung the bags.  It either works, or they just decided to leave us alone. 

It was great using the marina car today.  We bought some groceries and oil for the engine.  The engine and generator oil seems a bit dirty so we are going to change them tomorrow.  This is such a nice marina.  There are no tides.  The water level is wind driven. 

We saw our friends on Raising Star being towed into the next door marina.  They had an oil leak.  Hopefully it will be a quick fix.

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