Thursday, December 1, 2011

Moving in the cold

I forgot how cold it could get on the water.  We left at 7am yesterday for our 35 mile trek down the ICW.  I was looking forward to traveling the Cape Fear River.  It has been a while since we have been in a wide body of water.  We came through Snows Cut.  The current was fierce.  The engine was at 2200 rpm and we were traveling at 4.2 knts.  You really had to hold on to the wheel as you negotiated under the fixed bridge span.  We used to look up to see if we were close to scraping our antennas on the bridge spans.  That was too stressful; I don't look up anymore.  The Cape Fear river reminded me of the York river in Virginia.  Range lights, marks. but the reds were on the left and the greens were on the right.  We turned into Southport and were greeted by 18 and 20 ft depths.  AWHHH, deep water.  No bridges to open and traffic was light.

We were passed by George and the ladies right after we turned at Southport.  George was 'Captaining' and the ladies were steering.  You go, George!  Traveling down the ICW in his Chey Loy Lee trawler, 'slow roll' at the age of 84 with a group of ladies.  So far he has three ladies traveling with him, but he plans on picking up more on the way.

We had contacted St James Marina at mile marker 315.  We pulled in and were assigned a slip.  The price was great.  $1.05 per foot with the Boat US discount.  Now to do the laundry.  The other draw as the $1.00 washer and dryer.  Floating docks, beautiful scenery, washer/dryer, market/deli/restaurant on premises, what is not to like.

Before we left Wrightsville Beach we had a wonderful treat from Momma Nature, a double bow rainbow and dolphins playing in the water.  Whom ever said that the best things in life are free, was sooo right.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  We are going to stay here today and try to get to Myrtle Beach, Barefoot Landing, tomorrow.  We are thinking of getting a cab and going to the Margaritaville Cafe and get a cheeseburger and a margarita.  Anyone know of a car/ride we can use? 

sunrise on Snow's Cut
Ferry to Bald Head Island

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  1. Really good pictures ..... Wow George is 84? Go For it George. Is his trawler a Cheoy Lee trawler, named "Slow Roll" never heard of a Choy Loy Lee ... but the Cheoy Lee Sailboats are classics and very pricey. I enjoy living vicariously, with you, through your journey.
    Thanks for letting me share this adventure with you from my shut-in life.