Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life is Good Today

The storm passed through right on time.  Lots of wind and very little rain.

We did the laundry yesterday and were hanging around the marina office.  A 30-35 ft motor boat came into the gas dock.  A Tow Boat followed the boat.  There seemed to be an exchange of papers.  The motorboat finished filling up and paid for the fuel.  The Tow Boat got a call and left.  Everything looked like a usual boat/marina transaction.  As soon as the Tow Boat rounded the channel, the motorboat reved up and sped out of the fuel dock throwing a wake on the marina.  This was the first time we saw a boat take off hell bent for leather.  Miles at the dock didn't say anything.  Seemed a bit strange.

The phone rang in the marina office.  This is the side of the conversation we heard.

Hello, yes the Tow Boat and the other boat were here.
No, they are not here now, they left.
No, I don't know where they went.
No, they didn't leave together.  Yes, the Tow Boat left first.
No, I don't know where they went.
Yes, if they come back, I'll have them call you.

Apparently the boat was supposed to be taken and repossessed.  I hope they find a nice hideaway.

We are waiting for a cell signal booster to be delivered by UPS. We like being self sufficient, but hate having dropped calls.  We have the ssb and sailmail through the ssb and use it when there is no cell signal.  We try to keep in touch with family and friends.  I think having a social network of people you love and care about makes you a sane and more caring human being.  I like knowing that our elderly parents, our kids and grandkids and friends can get in touch with us.  It would be a bit lonely without being able to communicate.

We have picked out a few potential anchorage spots. Will get the dingy down and go exploring.  It is rumored there are some plantation homes to see.  Some have restaurants attached.  For some reason we have been on a dingy diner tour.  We like to find small, local restaurants and try their fried chicken.  I have tried to make fried chicken.  Never got a good batch either on land or on the boat.  But these local places have the best fried chicken.  I've even been taking pictures.  I might have to make a rating spread sheet.

We have been listening to Zac Brown Band for the past few days (he sings about chickens, fried and other...hummmm) and one of his song themes is that Life is Good Today.  Seems like a good boat matra.


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