Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Osprey Marina

Sitting here in the sunshine and short sleeves is great.  We had a back porch made for the boat.  We can't believe we didn't have it made sooner.  We roll up parts and let the breezes pass through.

The trip to Osprey Marina was beautiful.  We went from the 'rock pile' to part of a meandering creek.  The marina is 1/4 mile off the ICW, so the water is calm.  We used to take our kids camping when they were young.  We went to all the state parks in Missouri and we always looked for the 'good' camping spot.  Osprey Marina is the good spot.  We were greeted by Miles.  He pointed to the spot he wanted us to place the boat.  It looked wayyy too small.  But he guided us into the spot.  Never knew parallel parking skills would be used docking the boat.  They gave us a golf cart to use.  The harbor is quiet and surrounded by nature.  We saw some lizards and baby goats.  Jessi, our daughter, said we couldn't take any pictures holding a lizard.  She said she told Liam, our grandson, that he couldn't pick up lizards.  If Liam saw us holding a lizard, well you know, if Grandma and Papa can hold lizards....I think Jessi is still a little miffed at PaPa since he taught Liam how to spit off the tall sliding board.

We are staying a while to restock some groceries, do some laundry and clean the boat.  It is amazing how dirty the boat can get when you are always traveling.  We waxed the boat before we left and are really glad we did.  It is alot easier to clean. 

We are entering the wacamaw river area.  We are planning on anchoring and putting the dingy down and doing some exploring.  We have started seeing boats that we passed or they passed us as we travel to different places.  Everyone seems to be on their own time table.  It feels like we are part of a traveling town. 

This part of South Carolina seems to be doing fairly well economically.  Miles took us to the store today and there seemed to be lots of construction. 

Matt is enjoying letting me take him all around the compound in the golf cart so he can take pictures.  They gave us an electric cart, but I wore out the battery after one day so they gave us a gas powered cart.  Having too much fun goofing around to get the cleaning done.

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  1. you are living the good life .. great pictures and you are getting into the groove of on-board living ... you are not missing anything up here rainy and 50ish. no sun and fog in the morning.
    Nice job of parallel parking!! you never know when you have to make the boat act like a car.
    Here's wishing you smooth sailing ahead .....