Monday, December 12, 2011

Anchored and then Georgetown

Left Osprey Marina and headed for Thoroughfare Creek.  The creek was wide and deep.  Those are two words I have not been able to use when describing our trip down the ICW so far.  I know it is unreasonable to expect that the waters here would be like the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  But as a sailor you get comfortable with the knowns.  The biggest thing you don't learn is the tides and currents.  The Bay has tides and currents, but they are easily discounted.  Anchoring in a tide and current area is all different.  Our two anchor bouys (1/2 gal milk jugs filled with dollar store play foam), worked great.  We knew where our anchors were as we turned with the tides.  We tracked our locations and did not stray from the expected path.  First night Matt got little sleep, but he enjoyed himself with ipod listening, radio stations, book radio and nite time NPR.  Cell reception was lacking, but XM provided entertainment.  Bought a Wilson Sleek cell signal booster from Amazon.  The iphone went from no bars and E to two bars and 3G.  Matt's Nokia phone did not get any signal.  Might be time to get him a new phone.

Duck hunting was in full season.  Of course hunters were prowling the creeks at 0 dark early am.  Very glad we had a boom height solar anchor light visable.  Turned on our 12V cockpit light for extra visability.  Duck hunters are not looking for an anchor light 60 feet off the water.  The hunters were so courteous.  They slowed down so they wouldn't throw a wake on us. 

One thing I love about being on anchor is cooking.  I made a pot roast with potatoes, onions, freeze dried green beans and barley.  Low and slow cooking.  Warms up the cabin and them warms up your tummy.  We usually turn on the generator once in the am and once at night.  Got pretty cold, so we turned on the generator and then the heat.  The generator only uses about a quart of diesel an hour.  It charges the batteries, heats water and runs the heat or ac as the season dictates. 

We stayed two nights and made our way to Georgetown.  We stopped at a marina, Harborwalk.  Buy two nights, get the third free.  So of course we are staying three nights.  Got the boat tied up, will give the effort at C+, not our worst docking, but not our finest either.  Got on the internets and saw that Martha Warner wrote on my Facebook wall that she heard us on the radio .  She and her hubby were anchored in Georgetown!  I have only met Martha through CruiserForum, Facebook and this blog.  They were planing on leaving early in the am so we chatted on the phone for a while.  Cruisers are the best people ever.  Met two people in Georgetown from the Galesville area that knew some of the folks we have sailed with.  You have to remember that Galesville only has 235 full time residents, but about 600 boat owners in the various marinas.  It is a small town that houses traveling souls.  Maryland is a very people freindly state.  They have implemented the Affordable Health Act.  A Maryland state resident can get health care through the state at a resonable and affordable cost. 

On the way down to Georgetown we saw a male and female pair of bald eagles.  Made a detour to get some good pictures.  We were traveling down the Waccamaw River at a speed of 5.8 knts only pushing the engine at 1700 rpm, when we turned into Georgetown against the tide, current and wind we dropped to 2.0 knts.  It felt like the boat was dragging a tree or something.  Glad to get into the protected water of Georgetown.  The town looks small and friendly.  We got some exploring to do.  I made last nights dinner as we were traveling.  Pork loin and saurkraut, onions over rice, barley mixture.  Put everything in the oven and let it cook slowly.  You arrive and you have food.  Hate being tired from a days sail and then have to eat sandwiches.  Might even have dinner out tonight.  

Here are some of the pictures we took a the anchorage and the trip to Georgetown.  Almost to Charleston to see Jessi, Kevin, Liam and Marshall.  So excited for Christmas.

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