Friday, December 23, 2011

Cubs and Grandcubs

We got to see Jessi, Kevin, Liam and Marshall here in Charleston.  Liam had bronchitis before they came here for Christmas.  The excitement and the carry over from his cold caused a bit of tummy upset.  He threw up all over his clothes.  Papa to the rescue!  Of course the shirt was way too big, but he  loved wearing it.  We drove over to Gene and Lynn's to change Liam's clothes. 

Liam and I went outside to the screened porch and played cars.  Here is part of our conversation:

Liam:  Grandma, are you a great grandma?
Me:  No, I'm a regular grandma
Liam: It's ok, someday you'll be a great grandma.
Me:  Thanks Lee :)

We played with cars and sea shells.  Marshall came and visited.  Of course he is tall enough that the table corner clipped him behind the ear.  He started to cry.  I picked him up, he looked at me, took a deep breath, and gave me a look that said 'thanks for picking me up, but you are NOT the person I want', I gave him to Kevin.  He was still upset, but much happier. 

Liam and I had a cheese and cracker picnic.  Marshall ate a few crackers and left. 

We got back to the boat and started to chart our route to Florida.  We plan on going down to Beaufort, SC and then out to the ocean to St John's river to Fernandina, FL.  We got a hook up from SSCA to use a private mooring in Beaufort.  We have been SSCA members for years and are finally getting to use some of the resources.  We have gone to GAM's and taken a few classes.  The GAM's have given us a chance to meet cruisers.  Everyone has been patient and answered all of our questions.  I think it is a great resource.

We are looking forward to getting out and sailing. We get a bit anxious when we have been in an area for more than three days.  We are watching the weather and picking windows.  It is so hard to be involved in land activities and at the same time, wishing we were moving and sailing.  The boat really teaches you to balance your time.  The boat teaches you patience and gives you the chance to see what is happening now.  The weather teaches you that you must slow down and look at what is happening.  The weather will not change the pattern that is coming at you.  You must change your selfish desire to go where you want, when you want.  Your artificial timelines are irrelevant to Mother Nature.  In fact, I have begun to think that EVERY time you want to make something happen contrary or on the edge of a weather window, the weather window will take control and smack you in the butt.  Don't try to fool Mother Nature.  She is much more powerful than you ever dreamed. 

Heard from our other kids.  Kylie and Tom are working hard.  They are planning on spending Christmas with Tom's mom, Mimi.  Jon is taking care of our Subaru.  Unfortunately, the clutch went out.  He had the car fixed.  It is strange having to pay for a car you aren't driving, but I am so glad that Jon is getting it in good shape for us.  Chris and Michelle are planning on spending a quiet Christmas at home.  They deserve a quiet and non stressed holiday. 

Boats are arriving in the harbor today.   A beautiful wooden ketch just tied up.  The marina is organizing a Christmas pot luck.  Ahhh...marina life is good. 

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