Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We got a car from Enterprise yesterday.  What a treat!  We drove around got lost, and just wasted fossil fuel.  Terrestrial map reading skills have eroded.  Now if we had a chart....

We lost a fender during our trip.  We went to West Marine to buy another fender.  They wanted $100 for a *&^** fender!  West Marine is so expensive!  Need to find a better source of marine stuff.

Saw the carnival cruise ship the other day.  They have a huge parking lot and people drive their cars and park for free while on the cruise.  Might be cheaper than flying in. 

They have a Harris Teeter, a farmers market, and liquor store about three blocks away.  Harris Teeter lets you take the grocery carts back to the marina.  They come by the marina every week or so and collect them.  The farmers market is called the Vegetable Bin.  They have fresh fruits, vegetables and local products (eggs, honey) at really good prices.  People at the marina complain about the prices at Harris Teeter, but to us it seems normal.  Harris Teeter (the teets) is one of our favorite grocery stores.  They make really good fried chicken at the deli.  Going to stock up before we ocean sail to Florida.

The Maritime Center is very centrally located.  This area of Charleston is very easy to explore on foot.  The aquarium is a block north.  A free trolly picks you up there and goes to different spots in the downtown area.  They take you to the Visitors Center, where you can catch two other trollies.  It is a nice, free way to travel.  The area seems safe and well maintained.  Having fun so far.

Charleston is a working harbor.  You get to see lots of freighters, tugs, pilot boats, coast guard boats, and other ships.  The large ships cause the marina to have some wakes, but it is just part of living in a major port. 

Jessi, Kevin and the boys are on their way today.  Can't wait to see them! 

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